CORESPEQ Inc High Performance Computing Through Formal Methods

Building upon research on the mathematical modeling of computationally intensive codes, CORESPEQ Inc. has developed tools and technology for intensive program optimization. Our formal foundations provide generality of solution, and therefore, do not impose any hardware updates or process changes. Amongst others, we have successfully adapted our technology to SSE vectorization, CUDA for NVIDIA GPGPUs, openMP and pthreads on shared memory platforms and distributed processing using MPI. Drawn from various domains, our core group of computer scientists and master engineers are among the best in the field. Irrespective of program size and complexity, we guarantee the performance and perfection of our solution over any competition.

Image and Video

Vision Systems, Medical Imaging, Image Registration, Mosaicing, Multi-Resolution Schemes, Feature Extraction, Detection.

Signal Processing

Digital Filters, RADAR/SONAR, Software-defined Radio, Audio Processing, Speech Recognition, Parameter Estimation.


Electro-Magnetics, Fluid Dynamics, Seismic Survey, Atmospheric Sciences, Financial Modeling, Game Physics.

3D and Animation

Global Illumination, Ray Tracing, Body/Cloth/Fluid Simulation, Motion Reproduction and Overlay, Interactive Animation.


Genome Sequencing and Alignment, Secondary Structure Prediction, Protein Folding, Drug Design, Modeling of Evolution.