CORESPEQ Inc High Performance Computing Through Formal Methods

CORESPEQ Inc. offers HPC consulting for the domains that rely heavily on mathematical and scientific computations such as image, video and signal processing, animation and special effects, physical and numerical simulation, bio-informatics, etc. Using the Polyhedral Model as a rigorous mathematical modeling framework, the company offers highly sophisticated loop analysis and optimization techniques for such computations. These optimizations improve the per-core performance by about 20x and, combined with threading, reduce hardware requirements by more than 100x.

While our products are an effort to commercialize these advancements, our HPC scientists and engineers supplement our compilation technology and offer consulting services for High Performance Computing.

Consulting Portfolio

  • Extreme Optimization and Testing
  • HPC Software Design
  • FPGA Solutions for Custom I/O


Though our underlying model is platform independent, our teams have extensive experience working on various technologies. These include:

  • SSE and AVX vectorization for x86-based processors
  • CUDA Implementations for NVIDIA GPGPUs
  • OpenMP and Threading for Multi-Socket and/or Multi-Core Servers
  • MPI for Distributed Memory Clusters
  • OpenCL, IBM Cell

Optimization Technologies

  • Loop Transformations such as Tiling, Skewing and Interchange for Performance Tuning
  • Algorithmic Refinement of Scientific Computations
  • Data Locality and Prefetch Optimization
  • Analytical Modeling and Auto-Tuning
  • Memory Minimization of temporary arrays using Value-Lifetime Analysis
  • FPGAs for High Speed I/O